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English Language Classes in Andheri West, Mumbai for Children


AGE: 6-YEARS onwards.

The language development program is an intensive program which works on the main principles of the language. An academical program which will enhance the persona of the ward.

Content of the course:


Key for effective writing and speaking of language is to be well versed with the grammatical part of the language. As Grammar forms the backbone of the language, attaining right knowledge in grammar and being well versed with the grammatical concept plays a key role to attain fluency in the language.


Creative writing is the ‘art of making things up’. IT is a process of presenting individual’s thoughts or ideas in an appealing way. It is an art of putting commonly known facts or things in a completely uncommon way.

Principles of Creative Writing
  1. Writers must first become expert readers.

Students in Creative Writing classes must become aware of the basic techniques of self-expression, including narrative strategies, genres, and aesthetics.

  1. Creative writers must become more self-aware, craft conscious, and self-critical.

The students must learn to revise. As important as learning how to write is the ability to evaluate/analyze and re-write.

  1. Students must recognize that creative writing is never simply descriptive or imaginative. Creative writing also involves ideas, themes, questions, and arguments.

At Crianca’s we strive hard to inculcate the basic concepts of language in children through a lot of hands on games and different activities which go well with the learning techniques making children confident and fluent Readers, Writers and Orators.